About Episend

Using Episend, anyone can turn video files into trackable multimedia content that can be distributed in a variety of ways to target audiences. By surrounding videos with interactive multimedia content—text, graphics, branding, images, files, forms, buttons and more—Episend goes far beyond one-dimensional video hosting and sharing platforms. With Episend, you can create video postcards, landing pages and multimedia microsites that can be distributed through more than 50 integrated email service providers (ESPs) and CRM systems, as well as directly from within Outlook using the integrated plug-in app.

Engaging target audiences online requires three things; rich multimedia content, the ability to “push” or deliver that content to viewers on whatever type of device they are using, and instant campaign and individual viewer tracking and reporting. Companies and organizations that can’t quickly create, distribute and track dynamic multimedia content without needing IT department support are at a competitive disadvantage. Successful digital communications require the ability to quickly create and distribute engaging video and multimedia content without programming with viewer access from any device and real-time activity reporting.

About Flimp Media

Flimp Media, Inc. is a video + multimedia marketing and communications technology company with offices in Boston, MA, New York, NY, Denver, CO, and Manchester, UK. Our Episend video + multimedia software platform enables users to create, distribute and share interactive video postcards and multimedia microsites without programming or IT resources for online communications and direct marketing. For further information and inquiries, contact 1.508.686.2802.

Flimp Communications, a division of Flimp Media, provides HR-benefits video communications services to employers, carriers and intermediaries.

Our Flimp Agency division provides creative video production and web/graphic design services.

“Over the years, we’ve listened closely to our corporate, healthcare and financial services clients that want to implement more sophisticated online video and multimedia communications for customer, employee and investor communications. We understand there’s a need for a simple communications solution that makes it easy to create and distribute advanced interactive video and multimedia communications for target audiences with detailed tracking and reporting that doesn’t require time-consuming programming or IT resources.”

- Wayne Wall, CEO

Flimp Media was founded in 2007 by Wayne Wall, an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record of starting and building successful technology companies with good returns for investors. One of his start-up companies, Roots, Inc., was sold to Novo Nordisk, a Global 1000 corporation, and another, PHC, Ltd., went public and is traded on the London AIM exchange. Flimp Media’s CTO and chief developer is Richard DiBona, a brilliant software engineer who has worked for an array of Fortune 500 companies. Richard is an expert in software development, database programming, cloud architecture and is fluent in many programming languages.