Unlimited Content Storage

With Episend, you get unlimited storage for videos, custom video players, multimedia content and uploaded files. The CMS library allows users organize and search content by name, date and use. Pop-up tools allow for quick viewing, editing, cloning, sharing and access to tracking reports

HTML5 Video Encoding

Our custom uploading and encoding tools enable users to quickly upload large video files up to 2GB, which is roughly a 90-minute video file. Video encoding into HTML5 formats (MP4) is fully automated using customized encoding tools that accept 18 different video file formats.

Instant Content Cloning

Episend enables instant cloning of videos, video players and multimedia content to quickly create multiple versions for A/B testing and segmenting audiences. This is also helpful for easily transferring selected video and multimedia content into sub-accounts.

Easy-to-Use Admin Tools

Episend has easy-to-use admin tools for creating and controlling individual “seats” and sub accounts for authorized employees. Admin tools are also available for security access restrictions by IP address and integrating with internal SMTP email servers.