Custom Video Player Studio

With Episend, users can quickly create custom-designed video players with click-to-select optional features and built-in tracking. Custom video players can have their own URLs or be added to Episend video microsites, landing pages or video postcards with calls to action.

Custom Designs and Sharing Options

Within the video player studio, you can select from a number of player colors and designs to match your branding. The studio also allows users to choose the sharing options they want to enable including social media, email and embed code.

Best HTML5 Video Player Available

Our custom HTML5 HD player is universally adaptable to any screen size and bandwidth (bit rate). Resolution is always clear because the player supports five screen-size options with matching bit rates, including true full screen. Players also support video playlists, Flash fallback, older IE browsers, iOS and audio files.

Custom Player Tracking and Reporting

The Episend custom HTML5 player has built-in tracking and reporting that measure views, time spent watching videos, average viewing time, chapter clicks, sharing activity and response actions. Users can also create log-in guest books for compliance and restrict viewing to specific IP addresses to secure confidential content.