Unlock Your Sales Engagement Potential

Are your inside salespeople and account reps wasting too much time cold calling stale, underqualified leads generated from email blasts, marketing automation and or predictive prospect lists? Are your sales communications keeping up with the times?

Episend transforms sales communications from traditional methods such as text emails with weblinks and PDF or powerpoint attachments to engaging video and multimedia content. We enable inside sales to engage and educate prospects with a trackable video pitch before making the call — providing real time viewer intelligence that tells you who’s really interested and who isn’t.

The Episend SaaS Communications platform was developed to bring B2b sales and marketing teams together to simplify and improve how companies message to and engage with prospects in this new age of rich media digital communications.

Episend for Sales and Account Teams

Turn your existing personal email account (Outlook, Gmail etc.) into a tracked video communications and file delivery system with real time viewer reporting within Outlook. The Episend Outlook plug-in takes less than 30 seconds to install. Once installed, you can send tracked videos, custom players, chaptered video presentations, video brochures and multimedia microsites created in the Episend Studio. Episend content files are accessible from within Outlook, as well as email templates and any local files you want to track and share with prospects. The Episend sales solution works with any existing corporate or personal email account, not just Outlook.

Episend for B2B Prospecting

Quickly and easily create, host and tracked interactive video and multimedia content for salespeople and account managers or use the integrated distribution and marketing tools for inbound and outbound video marketing campaigns. With the Episend HTML 5 studio, marketers can quickly create custom branded video microsites, video postcards and chaptered video presentations and clone this content selectively into subaccounts for individual salespeople. Episend is also integrated with most email service providers, Eloqua, Marketo and SalesForce and requires no programming or IT department support.

Better End User Experience

With all the noise out there, using interactive video and multimedia content is critical if you want to improve engagement and response rates. And when prospects and customers engage, Episend delivers detailed, real time actionable data by viewer email address and contact info to designated sales and account reps for follow up. This way your salespeople can follow up warm leads in moments (not hours or days) to answer questions, qualify the opportunity or set up a meeting.

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