In-Depth Content Tracking and Reporting

Episend provides real-time viewer and campaign tracking and reporting of video and multimedia content with easy-to-access analytics reports measuring over 20 key engagement, response and sharing metrics.

Share Live Reports Using Hyperlinks

The Episend reporting dashboard enables users to create “live” tracking reports and share them with clients and colleagues using dynamic URL hyperlinks. The dynamic reports update automatically and can be viewed on mobile devices without an account login.

Campaign Engagement and Response Metrics

Episend tracking goes far beyond simple views and clicks. Access over 20 key campaign and individual viewer metrics, including:
  • Average time spent on content
  • Video views and time on video
  • Viewer touches and responses
  • Viewer devices, browsers and OS
  • Sharing by email and social media

Track Individual Viewers by Email Address

Episend tracks individual viewer activity by email address and can track by other identifiable data, if a content login guest book is used. Having detailed individual viewer analytics is ideal for compliance communications, employee training/eLearning and sales lead generation. Our email tracking is integrated with Outlook, Eloqua, Marketo and over 50 email service providers.