Why Episend?

B2B companies across all industries are looking for better ways to improve sales engagement rates in order to generate more revenues. Episend does this by combining three key elements that drive sales engagement:

  • Engaging video and multimedia content that tells your story
  • Personalized email communications vs. marketing email blasts
  • Real time engagement data enabling faster lead follow up

Video and Multimedia Content

Real time, detailed tracking of prospect and client interactions with content that leads to faster follow up and significantly higher (20X – 100X) engagement and qualifying rates according to MIT research studies Consider these statistics comparing video content engagement to static marketing content:

  • 2-3X higher email click thru rates with video vs. static text and graphics (Forrester)
  • 4-7X higher viewer response rates with video ads vs. static ads (Doubleclick)
  • 10X higher engagement time with video (1.5 min) vs. static emails (8 sec) (Marketing Sherpa)

It’s well accepted that online video and rich media content drives more attention and longer engagement times that static text and graphics. There is an abundance of market research to back this up.

For B2B sales, Episend enables easy embedding, delivery and tracking of interactive video and multimedia content using Outlook and any other personal email account.

For B2B marketing, Episend enables fast and easy creation of custom video players, branded video brochures and video postcards with built in tracking and reporting. It also enables marketing to manage and control the hosted video and multimedia content that can be accessed by individual salespeople.

Personalized Video Communications

Episend shifts the delivery of trackable video and multimedia content from 1 to many email marketing campaigns to 1 to 1 personalized email communications. There are several important advantages to this:

  • It allows marketing teams to spend more time and budget on creating quality video content and prospect lists for sales to use to introduce new products and services to prospects.
  • Emails delivered from personal accounts have a far greater chance of getting through corporate Spam filters and being opened than marketing campaign emails.
  • The ROI on video content investment is much better when used over and over in personalized messaging than when used in “one and done” email blast campaigns.
  • According the Aberdeen research, personalized sales emails have higher open rates (6%), higher click thru rates (14%) and higher conversion rates (10%) than impersonal marketing emails.

Faster Lead Response Times

When prospects engage with Episend email communications and content, sales people receive instant trigger notifications and have access to detailed engagement tracking reports that help them prioritize follow up calls and accelerate lead response times. Sales managers can access reporting by salesperson to monitor results. Why is this so important?

According to the MIT Lead Response Management Study, there is a 100 times greater likelihood of reaching a prospect on the phone if called within 5 minutes of engagement versus waiting 30 minutes or longer.

In spite of this data, the average company takes 46 hours to attempt their first callback after generating a sales lead, according to InsideSales.com and the average sales rep only makes 1.2 call back attempts before they give up and move on. In part this is due to the disconnect in many companies between marketing and sales, whereby engaged prospect leads aren’t delivered to the right sales people on a timely basis. As a result, most marketing generated leads are stale by the time they get followed up. With Episend communications, there is no excuse for slow response times since salespeople have immediate access to prospect engagement data.